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Detasseling F A Q



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Pick up Points – Wyanet (Casey’s), Princeton (Fairgrounds and City Hall), Buda (Behind the school), Sheffield ( FS plant across from Casey's), Manlius (City Hall), Walnut (In front of the school), Tiskilwa (Feed Store on North east corner of the square) and sometimes Ohio and Kasbeer

Starting Date – Most of the time between July 5th and July 10th

Salary – $7.75 is starting salary. Bonuses are based on workers who show high quality work and are reliable.

Pay Checks - Your paychecks will come paid at the rate of $7.75 / hr.  and we will give you the extra pay in your bonus check to cover the difference.

Missing work – We do understand that there are times when people will have to miss, just let us know ahead of time.

Age limit – Workers must be 13 to start working. If they turn 13 on July 15th that is when they can start.

Daily Work – Work starts early, bus pick up times will be about 5:20-6:15 depending on where you get picked up. Finishing time depends on the individual day.

We provide – We provide gloves, tinted safety glasses, Hats with netting, bathrooms, and extra water to drink.

You need to bring – Lunch, snack for break, water jug, hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants, old tennis shoes, sun block and most important Rain Gear (every day). Do not bring big heavy boots.

Eat a Good Breakfast in the morning!!  It is very important to eat before work, you will feel much better. 

WE WILL WORK IN THE RAIN.  We will work in the rain, but of course we will take shelter is conditions worsen (lightning and / or Thunder). 
    If you wake up and it is raining (even lightning and thundering), you still need to come to the bus.  We will drive to the fields and either work in the rain, or wait out the severe weather before we take the field. While we sit on the bus waiting out a storm, workers will be getting paid.

Kids can plan on working at least 70 hours if they work every day.