Bickett Donner Helms Detasseling

For more information contact Dale Donner (815) 875-8020

Please Read this entire post before celebrating.

We are finished for this season!

ALSO, please keep us in your following list on Facebook so you know when we will have our sign up meetings next spring. Any early season work will be filled first with those who DETASSELED for us this spring, AND attend a sign up meeting.

You guys did a GREAT job this summer!! I really enjoyed working with you and having some fun (at times). You will all make good employees later in life, and feel free to use me as a reference once you graduate (because we all know you will be detasseling until out of school like Genevieve and Sarah lol). Hopefully you will all be back to work with us again next Summer!! Have a good School year!!

Workers need to keep us Liked on their Facebook pages So you know when our sign up meetings are next year.

Princeton/Tiskilwa Only:

Facebook: bickettdonnerhelms

Bureau Valley / Tampico Only:

Facebook:  BDH detasseling  

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