Bickett Donner Helms Detasseling

****UPDATED Sunday July 29th   12:00 pm ***

The 2018 Detasseling Season is Officially over.  Thank you for all your hard work this past Summer!!!

Congrats to our 8 workers who earned a $50 cash bonus for perfect attendance!!  Next year, perfect attendance will be $100.

Have a fun rest of the summer, and good luck in school next year.  We hope to see you all back next Summer!!!!

We will begin the season with a Tiskilwa Pick up (5:30 at Dever's Feed).  If numbers stay high, we will continue to pick up for the season.

We have a few people who have picked up paperwork that still need to turn in.  The sooner the better to get the paperwork in.
We will let you know if we hear anything else. 

We are still looking for a few more workers for this summer.  Please contact us if interested. Our numbers are below.

We look for detasseling to start up sometime in Early July.  When we find out any more information we will post it.

For more information contact: 

Dale Donner (815) 875-8020 or Bret Helms (815) 379-9916