Bickett Donner Helms Detasseling

UPDATED July 30th 3:00 pm

The rouging season is officially over for 2020. Thank you so much to all of you who worked with us this summer. If you worked every day, you worked over 100 hours! We would love to have you all back next year. Have a GREAT school year! Stay Healthy!!

If you left a chair on the bus, feel free to email us ( and we will get it to you.

 We ask those who work to bring a lawn/camping chair so we can take our breaks off the bus. We are recommending everyone on the bus ride to wear a facemask.  We will have glasses, gloves, hand sanitizer, hats and a Cool Tek neck wear (which can be used as a face guard) for all workers.  Please remember you can check to answer many questions you may have.  Please email us at to verify you have this message and whether you will be able to work or not. And a reminder, if you are not feeling well, please stay home.

We have some important news to announce and need to make sure you read this whole message. 

We have been contacted by Wyffel’s and told that due to COVID, they do not feel comfortable having large crews out detasseling this summer and have asked us to put together a rouging crew.   Due to numbers and not wanting to load too many kids on a bus, we will not be able to hire everyone.  The rougers will be a smaller hand-picked group that will be based upon previous work experience, work ethic demonstrated (at work and/or school), and reliability.  Those who are interested in rouging only, and feel they meet these requirements, please email us at We will then pick from that group who have emailed us and notify who we have hired.  Starting date is of course not known yet, but will start earlier in the summer then normal detasseling, and finish a little earlier in the summer than detasseling would normally finish (weather permitting).   

Thank you for understanding

Dale Donner

Bret Helms

Brad Bickett

Bus Pick up points (from 2019 but subject to change in 2020):

Tiskilwa Feed store - 5:30

Wyanet Casey's - 5:40

Princeton Fairgrounds - 5:40

​Princeton City Hall - 5:45

Manlius (Old Grade School) - 6:05

Walnut Grade School - 6:00

Please read FAQ, What to Bring and Bus Pick up time links for helpful hints

If you have questions please let us know.

2020 Pay Scale
Based from 2019/2020 school year
$9.00 / Hr - 7th and 8th grade
$10 / Hr – Freshman and Sophomores
$11 / Hr – Juniors and Seniors
For more information contact: 

Dale Donner (815) 875-8020 or Bret Helms (815) 379-9916

or email